STRATEGY. business process. technology ........ together.

Driven by Strategy. Powered by Enterprise Architecture. Delivered through Business Process Optimization.

> Business and Product Analysis & Improvement Plans

> Business and Product Improvement Plan Implementation Guidance

> IT Business process optimization: Governance, Enterprise Architecture, and Standards

> Technology - Hardware, Software & Infrastructure Analysis


> Procurement Assurance - we take the uncertainty and complexity out of RFPs:

                  > What-to-buy, What-not-to-buy, and the strategy of Why

                  > RFP: Determine Requirements, Terms & Conditions and Build RFP

                  > Indentify Suppliers and Products and issue RFP; Respond to RFP Inquiries

                  > Receive Bids, Evaluate and Down-select / Shortlist to preferred Suppliers

                  > Facilitate Demonstration process

                  > Assist in Negotiations and Terms & Conditions 

Practice Areas